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This is where B.A. Claims Service enters the room. Not only do we take pride in the basic attributes but we excel where other tend to fall short. Let’s be honest anyone now days can open up an office and solicit work. But not everyone wants to go the extra mile meaning time is aways changing being able to control and minimize loss through education and years of experience in a specific area of expertise. For Starters our staff is prized of prior underwriters who work at top carriers, adjusters, insurance agents, and mortgage. So you can see we are not just some weekend tire kickers no offense to the weekend tire kickers. We again take pride by sharpening ourselves through a constant sharpener call education. This is how we believe you find out if one is truly passionate about what they do.

When others are calling it a day and happy about a mediocre day. We at B.A Claims Service has just began to work. Our hard work paired with education about the industry is our pride and what makes our patented Gold Seal of Excellence place on every badge worn around our neck.

So when one of our inspectors goes to any door and say B.A. Claims Service keep a lookout for the badge with the Gold seal that they are showing off. Then at that moment when they look to the sky because they felt you our client look on us and grace us with your smile of approval. We know that you just experienced the one of a kind Gold seal service. You just experienced B.A Claims Services.

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